FreeBSD: Quick and dirty VM disk resize guide

0. Resize virtualbox disk image

      PS> C:\"Program Files"\Oracle\VirtualBox\VboxManage.exe modifyhd "E:\VirtualBox VMs\FreeBSD\FreeBSD.vdi" --resize 30000

1. boot the VM from the FreeBSD ISO

      [Press F12 -> c]

2. Fix [CURRUPT]

      # gpart recover ada0

3. Delete SWAP slide

      # gpart delete -i 3 ada0

4. Resize ROOT

      # gpart resize -i 2 -s 25G ada0

5. Create the new SWAP to the end

      # gpart add -t freebsd-swap ada0

6. Grow the FS to the GPT size (25G)

      # growfs /dev/da0p2

7. Profit! :-)